GarrafField development site is located onshore in the Southern province of DhiQar, approximately 250 km southeast of Baghdad. Garraf is within the Widyan-Mesopotamia Basin which covers an area of approximately 350 sq. km. Garraf field is located in the nearest town called Al-Refai which sits within the contract area.The objective is to demonstrate how the raw water will be extracted from the Garraf River, purified to the required quality levels and distributed to the EPS site (7Km) and the Base Camp (3Km).

Client : Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd. for PetronasCarigali SB

Completion Date : 2013


Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Advanced Concept Infrastructure Design


Mechanical Design of Pumping Stations
Electrical Design
10Km Pipeline Design
Water Intake Systems & Treatment
Grading & Roadway Design


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